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How the West Was Warmed:
How the West Was Warmed: Responding to Climate Change in the Rockies
Author: Beth Conover
Melting glaciers. Pine beetle infestation. Drought. Carbon footprints. Green jobs and promises of a new energy economy.When the venerable Aspen Skiing Company starts talking about the "death of snow," even the most determined deniers start to wonder, what is going on? In this entertaining and enlightening collection of essays, noted environmentalist and Greenprint Denver founder Beth Conover develops a portrait of the wide range of responses to climate change in the Rocky Mountain West. For over two decades, this region has been a leader in addressing climate change, and today it is a hub of solutions to this pressing global issue. Written by over forty veteran journalists, scientists, business people, and policy makers, these essays show us how climate change has and continues to affect the ways in which we live, work, and play.

Contributors to How the West Was Warmed include: Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, Beth Conover, Auden Schendler, Stephen Trimble, Todd Hartman, Laura Pritchett, David Akerson, Mark Eddy, Lisa Jones, Sean Kelly, Jackson Perrin and Dev Carey, Diane Carman, Michael Jamison, Kirk Johnson, Peter Heller, Marc Waage, Eric Kuhn, Brad Udall, John Daley, Susan Moran, Jim Robbins, Hillary Rosner, Michelle Nijhuis, Tim Sullivan, Jocelyn Hittle, Ken Snyder, The Staff of Holy Cross Energy, James R. Udall, Todd Neff, Catherine Greener, Martha Records, Josh Radoff, Matthew H. Brown, Susan Innis, Michael L. Beatty, Steve Andrews, Jill Hanauer, David Winkler, Lisa Grove, Melissa Chernaik, Andrew Myers, Chip Ward, Florence Williams, Heidi VanGenderen, Jason Salzman, Colorado Governor Bill Ritter Jr.
Award-Winning: Honorable Mention, Reference Category, Eric Hoffer Book Award

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