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Great Road Rides Denver
Great Road Rides Denver
Metro Denver is one of the great road-biking cities in America. This guide shows riders how to link the best streets and bike lanes in town with dedicated trails to create truly interesting rides-rides that take you along major rivers and creeks, through the best park system in the country, and out to the foothills, where the plains meet the Rocky Mountains.

These twenty-five routes appeal to both recreational cyclists who are tired of the same old routes they have always ridden and to serious road bikers who want to explore harder, longer, and steeper terrain as a means to better training and fitness. Written with an eye for detail and the larger picture, the route descriptions supply interesting snippets of historic, geologic, neighborhood, and social data and provide enough solid factual information to make the accompanying maps easy to follow. The introduction includes information on safe and effective cycling that will add to the reader's experience and generate confidence in their ability to navigate safely.
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