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District Comics:
District Comics: An Unconventional History of Washington, DC
From a rustic post-Revolutionary War settlement hugging the swampy banks of the the Potomac to today's politically charged metropolis, Washington, DC has been the backdrop for some of the nation's most important history. But there's way more to the capital than just stone monuments and political hustle and bustle.

District Comicstours some of DC's lesser-known moments, with stops along the way for a duel, a drink in the Senate speakeasey, a shoe-shine, and much more. Forty talented contributors share stories you otherwise might never hear, featuring some of the city's most captivating characters--from printers and police officers to pandas and punks. And, of course, a few politicians.

This is the unique history you usually only get from wrong turns, chance encounters, and conversations with locals--and it's more surprising and entertaining than anything you'll find in a textbook.

Named one of the Best Books of 2012 by The Washington Post

"Nicely designed antho comics on 'niche' themes have become popular in recent years - they allow up-and-coming talents to contribute short pieces on a topic for which the publisher/editor feels there is a built-in audience. Well, District Comics from Fulcrum and thoughtfully edited by Matt Dembicki, succeeds wildly in this regard and, moreover, is one of the top graphic titles of the year for use in social studies classes. That's because while it maintains a disciplined focus on Washington, D.C., it really presents a far-ranging cultural and political portrait of an entire nation."-School Library Journal

Winner, Original Graphic Novel of the Year category - The Shel Dorf Awards (2013)

Winner - American Graphic Design Awards (2012)

Finalist, Best Anthology category - The Harvey Awards (2013)

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